Evaluation of Cardiovascular Mechanics: from Imaging-Based Numerical Assessment to Clinical Applications

Speaker: Jan O. Mangual
Affiliation: Post Doctoral Whitaker Scholar Università di Firenze
When: Monday 18th February 2013
Time: 11:15:00
Abstract: It is well established that ventricular function is of utmost importance in maintaining hemodynamic stability and cardiac performance in its entirety. A handful of methods for evaluating flow in the cardiovascular system in vivo have been studied, yet little information has been obtained on the adequate relation of the flow pattern to proper cardiac performance. To this end, a novel method that combines both non invasive imaging and computational fluid dynamics has been developed. This integrated approach has been designed and developed with the scope of obtaining more accurate visualization and characterization of the human ventricles than can be obtained from traditional imaging alone. Imaging-based numerical simulations offer, not only qualitative information, but a quantitative method for characterizing cardiac fluid and tissue mechanics of the ventricles. To name a few, the fluid residence time distribution, pressure gradient and principal strain, can be attained with the hopes of proving their relevance and importance in analyzing the progression of pathologic conditions and cardiac remodeling. An important aspect of this work is the lack of cardiac diagnostic markers obtained in normal subjects and the progression of mechanic adjustments leading to heart failure and remodeling. With this in mind a fundamental factor of the work presented herein is in the evaluation of the mechanical properties in healthy subjects compared with patients that have undergone remodeling as a result of heart failure. Contatto: